The mission of the Gloucester Housing Partnership is simple: help prevent homelessness in Gloucester by providing much needed home repairs to keep homes “warm, safe, dry and accessible” for Gloucester County homeowners who are elderly, disabled or of low-income. We do this at no cost to the homeowner and through the support of community volunteers and donations.

As winter prepares to settle in here in Virginia, that mission becomes even more important.

We’ve recently received a request from a resident whose home has suffered from a leaky roof for 15 years and to keep the home safe, warm and dry, we also need to remove two chimneys.

The cost to do the repairs is estimated at $5200. As always, we will rally community volunteers to help support the work on this house, but we need your support to fund the materials.

Here’s how you can help – support our first crowdfunding campaign here on GoFundMe. Then take that link and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, via email – anywhere you can reach your friends.

Together we can do so much.

Gloucester Housing Partnership receives referrals from Gloucester County’s Social Services Department, Healthy/Families and Bay Aging, and individual applicants and/or community organizations.

Our dedicated caseworkers screen applications to qualify individuals seeking assistance. Our review process both prior to acceptance and during each case includes the scope and cost of the project, matching applicants’ needs with volunteers’ skills and providing qualified supervision on each project we undertake.